Helping Secure the Internet.
Matt Johansen

Over the last two decades, I’ve helped make hundreds of organizations more secure.

My mission is to leave the Internet a more secure place than I found it.

I’m helping organizations handle billions of users’ information securely and increasing brand’s trust among their customers.

I’m currently the Security Architect of Reddit.

My portfolio:

→ I’m the security architect of Reddit where I help design security into all facets of the business for the 4th largest social network in the US and a top 20 most visited website globally

→ I teach company’s how to protect against cyber attacks and save tens of millions of dollars in losses.

→ I coach entrepreneurs and CISOs that need help with infrastructure, application, cloud, and security policies.

→ I advise early-stage companies in cyber security best practices and help pass technical due diligence from investors and potential acquirers.

→ I invest in early-stage private technology companies focusing on cybersecurity, software infrastructure, employee productivity, and B2B/SaaS.

→ I volunteer for a selection of non-profits who’s missions I connect with who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford technical and specifically security consulting services..

My results:

→ 50,000k+ applications with less vulnerabilities than when I found them

→ 1B+ users data security reliant on systems I designed or secured

→ $100M+ of startup exits using my security due diligence

→ 0 advertisements or cold calls

→ 100% due diligence success rate

What if, by embracing our vulnerabilities and openly acknowledging the gaps in our knowledge, we could build stronger and more resilient defenses?

If you want to work with me, get in touch:

Email: mattjohansen@proton.me

Twitter: @mattjay